Monthly Archives: December 2015

Time To Schedule An Appointment

Up until now, most of the features in Jituzu focus on what happens after someone decides to book an appointment. But, what about those clients who slip out sight…fade away into the background…the ones who don’t schedule a follow up appointment? We are working on a set of features to help you analyze client activity… Read More »

Multiple Appointment Alerts

A new category of appointment alerts are coming. Designed for appointments that are weeks or months in the future, you can set an unlimited number of alerts and time intervals for your calendar. Let’s say you have a client who has an appointment three months from now. You’d like them to get an initial confirmation… Read More »

New Jituzu App For iPhone® And iPad®

Update- The new Jituzu app for iPhone® and iPad® users is now available.  To download the new iPhone® app click here and to download the new iPad® app click here . The new app uses native iOS components throughout, and is faster and visually stunning to use. Calendar.  The calendar is fully integrate with the rest of the iOS app, and… Read More »

Client Wait List Keeps Your Calendar Full

We’ve all been there…trying to get that appointment before Friday, only to learn that nothing is available for two more weeks.  Worse yet, as a service provider, having clients cancel and then having wasted time during the day or scrambling to see if other clients can somehow adjust their schedules to accommodate. What if a… Read More »

Configure Portal To Do What You Need

The interaction an organization has with its clients is the essential lifeblood of any successful business.  Giving you the flexibility to interact with your clients the way you need to is precisely why we’ve added so many new preference settings to the client portal. For example, if you want to use Portal to communicate with clients, but… Read More »

Snow Days Happen

Ever have one of the days where you get sick, get called away for an emergency, or miss a flight? We have a new feature just for you! You can now select the dates that are affected and automatically send all clients with appointments on that date a message to reschedule. There’s no more hunting… Read More »

New Client Sign-up Forms With Custom Fields

When new clients schedule an appointment with you, it’s essential that you have the information you need to make your first appointment successful. Just this month we’ve added the ability for you to customize the fields you want the client to complete during the sign-up process. You can structure it like a questionnaire, or tailor… Read More »

Add Billing Codes To Appointment Services Types

When you offer more than one type of service, such as varying appointment lengths, you will probably benefit from creating a custom Service Type for each type of service. This adds a special color code to the appointment so that you can see at-a-glance what kind of appointments you have on your calendar.  You can also enter a… Read More »