Client Wait List Keeps Your Calendar Full

By | December 10, 2015

We’ve all been there…trying to get that appointment before Friday, only to learn that nothing is available for two more weeks.  Worse yet, as a service provider, having clients cancel and then having wasted time during the day or scrambling to see if other clients can somehow adjust their schedules to accommodate.

What if a cancellation could automatically be filled in minutes with someone who is thrilled to get an earlier appointment?

Client Wait Listing is currently in development and scheduled for launch in January.

Clients who schedule their own appointments via the portal will be able to choose the option of being notified by text message if an earlier appointment becomes available.  They can instantly accept the new appointment by  replying to the text message, or ignore the invitation and keep their existing appointment.

Service providers will be able to view and edit the wait list from all of the calendar views.  When an appointment is canceled by a provider, they’ll have the option to have Jituzu automatically fill the vacant time slot from the wait list, or leave the slot open.

Of course, the wait list feature is one that you can choose to use or opt-out of.  We’ll have various settings that let you manage the interaction with your clients so that the process seems natural and convenient.

We’ll have more information for you as the wait list feature launches.