New Jituzu App For iPhone® And iPad®

By | December 11, 2015

Update- The new Jituzu app for iPhone® and iPad® users is now available.  To download the new iPhone® app click here and to download the new iPad® app click here .

The new app uses native iOS components throughout, and is faster and visually stunning to use.

Calendar.  The calendar is fully integrate with the rest of the iOS app, and feature a day, week, month and list view.  It uses the same type of color-coded visual display and search features that you’ve grown accustom to in the web app.  The calendar also supports Apple’s new “3D Touch” to allow you to preview a calendar event with a light press and open it with a deeper press.  The goal is to quickly get you the information you need without flipping through several screens.

Messaging.  The messaging app supports file attachments, group messaging and other important features currently available in the web version of secure messaging.

Client Portal.  The client portal portion of the Jituzu app is a complete redesign with a focus on making it fast, friendly and easy for your clients to use.  They’ll be able to see their upcoming appointments, schedule new appointments, pay their bill, change their settings, and interact with you as you permit.


The new Jituzu app is replacing the existing app for iPhone® and iPad® users.