Time To Schedule An Appointment

By | December 15, 2015

Up until now, most of the features in Jituzu focus on what happens after someone decides to book an appointment. But, what about those clients who slip out sight…fade away into the background…the ones who don’t schedule a follow up appointment?

We are working on a set of features to help you analyze client activity based on appointment history, future appointments and type of services provided.

The goal is to help you better understand your client activity, frequency of visit, and most importantly to identify those clients who may need some follow-up.

Our plan is to also include at least one easy way, such as an email or secure message, for you to automatically “nudge” groups of clients to schedule an appointment. We expect to also give you the ability to know whether your client has actually read your outreach message.

Regardless of whether automatic outreach is important to you, at a minimum you’ll have the critical information you need to best serve your clients.

Look for future communication from us about this topic.