Do Not Disturb Window

By | April 12, 2016

There’s a new option for reminders and FYI’s that allow you to set a do-not-disturb time window for text or voice communications with your clients.  This prevents reminders or FYIs from being sent to your clients between the time window you specify.

We’ve seen cases where customers have been harnessing their most productive time in the early morning or late night by entering or updating appointments, and have accidentally triggered a reminder.

Setting a do-not-disturb window eliminates the possibility of unintentional reminders.

An additional benefit is that early morning appointments with a 2-hour reminder window, for example, won’t trigger an even earlier reminder message.  Reminders that would have been sent are held until the do-not-disturb window allows them to be sent to your clients.

We highly recommend using this option on your reminder account.