Introducing FYIs

By | April 12, 2016

As hard as we all try for perfection, scheduling miscommunication still happens.  A client shows up unexpectedly, or forgets to make their appointment during your prime office hours.  It’s costly and embarrassing.

Today, we are introducing an upgrade to our reminder service called FYI, whose purpose is to help close the gap on two common breakdowns in the scheduling process.

FYI’s goal is to help solve two problem areas in the scheduling process.

Problem One – Entering an appointment for the wrong day or time happens more often than you might think.  It’s easy to jot down the wrong information in the middle of a conversation…or when the phone rings.  Sometimes, the appointment just gets entered incorrectly.

Problem Two – When appointments are scheduled a long time in the future, it’s easy for clients to forget and schedule other activities that conflict.  Sending a single appointment reminder a day in advance of the appointment can’t fix that “Oh, no!  We’re in Hawaii on Spring Break!” moment.


FYI gives you the ability to automatically send an appointment confirmation text or voice message to your client the moment you enter the appointment into Jituzu.  This gives your client written confirmation of their appointment precisely as it was entered.  If the appointment time isn’t as they remembered, there’s opportunity to fix it.

For appointments scheduled a long way in advance, you can now send customized notifications at whatever time intervals you want leading up to the appointment.

Here’s How It Works

FYI’s are in addition to any other reminders you have set for a client.  FYI messages will also count toward billing message count.

To get started, notice the new button in your Reminder Settings tab for FYI Settings.  You can set as many time intervals and messages as you like.

FYI notifications will only be sent when the appointment falls beyond the time interval.

For example, if you set an FYI to be sent 2 weeks in advance of an appointment, but the appointment is later this week, then the FYI would be ignored and no message would be sent other than the normal reminder.

If you have additional questions about how FYI works, please don’t hesitate to call our customer support at 877-820-4153.  Once you’ve used it a while, we’d love to hear how FYI has impacted your business.