Location-Based Notifications

By | April 12, 2016

If your company makes house calls, this article may be of interest to you.  Home health, field service and other mobile service providers take note.

One of the challenges for businesses that make house calls, is accurately alerting the client when they can expect the service provider to arrive.  In some cases, it’s also reassuring to see a photo of the person who will be walking up the driveway.

We have recently added the capability to do picture messaging, where the photo of the service provider can be part of the reminder message.  We are also preparing to release a brand new mobile app for iOS.  The new app has the ability to locate the service provider (only with permission, of course).

Using the address of the client and upcoming appointment, we plan to make available a service that can notify clients of a pending arrival of their service provider.  Optionally, it can also include a photo of the provider.

Since this service is not applicable to the majority of our customers, and to prevent someone from accidentally enabling it for their reminders, we have not provided a way for you to activate it.  But, if your organization is one that can benefit from this capability, please give us a call.  We’d be delighted to work with you to ensure the service fits the needs of your business.