Simple Button To Send Client Forms

By | July 22, 2016

We’ve added some new, simple ways for you to send your standard email and forms to new clients based on two different workflows for processing new clients.



Workflow 1.  Send New Clients to Your Website

One workflow is to send new clients to your website and ask them to create their own account (username/password).  If you’ve enabled intake forms, they’ll be required to complete your intake forms online, enter their insurance information and so forth.  Once they’ve completed your required paperwork, they’ll be able to self-schedule an appointment and all their data will be entered in the system for your review.  You save all the work of transcribing what they’ve written on a paper form and manually inputting it!

Upon completion, Jituzu will automatically send to their inbox a copy of any disclosure statements, informational documents, or other general information you have attached to your standard welcome message.

Workflow 2.  Add The Client Yourself, Then Press the Button

If you assume the role of entering all the client demographic and intake paperwork in the system, you can still send your standard welcome message with attachments.

Selecting the client account will reveal a new button to Send New Client Forms.  

Notice that we display the date you last sent your forms to the client so you can easily tell whether you’ve sent them.

In both workflows, you’ll be able to see the actual documents you sent each client by clicking the new Documents tab.  In the event you change your forms in the future, you’ll be able to see the original documents you sent each client.

An important benefit of using Jituzu to send your welcome message is that your client will not have access to your email address.  This may help reduce the number of unwanted emails you receive, reduce your exposure to potentially harmful email and eliminate the possibility that the client will unintentionally send you confidential information via an unsecured communication method.