Upgraded Client Insurance Entry

By | July 22, 2016

Our goal is to enable your clients to do data entry for you.  Since they can already complete their intake forms electronically, one of the final steps is to provide them the ability to enter their own insurance information.  To be truly useful, the new information also needs to synchronize with your My Clients Plus account.  Yes, you guessed it.  It’s available now.

Sure, it’s possible clients may select the wrong insurance company, but you can review it and make the easy correction if needed.  The essential element is that your Jituzu account now contains the insurance fields needed to bill a healthcare claim… and the fields synchronize with My Clients Plus.  Change them in one system, and they’ll automatically synchronize with the other.

If you’re inclined to ask your clients to choose their insurance specifics, you can get started by enabling the Primary Insurance and Secondary Insurance fields under Settings =>  Portal ==> Configure Client Sign-Up Form.  Selecting either of those fields will enable the entire block of fields related to Primary or Secondary insurance.  Clients will be able to do the initial entry, but once it’s saved you won’t have to worry about them making later changes.

custom_form copy

If you’d rather continue entering insurance information yourself, that’s no problem.  You don’t need to change a thing.  You’ll still benefit by having client insurance info now available in Jituzu and in the Jituzu mobile apps.