Best Practices

What Causes My Client’s Name To Show Up On Facebook?

That’s an excellent question, and one that we hear often.  Facebook has amazing expertise in matching up people who are likely to know each other.  One of the simple ways they do this is with email.

Each Facebook user has an email address on file with Facebook…it’s entered as part of a person’s profile.  When you send email to one of your clients, even a simple disclosure statement, your email program often adds their email address to your address book.  The next time Facebook asks if you want to share your contacts to find more “friends”, your client’s email address can be part of that exchange.  Then, all Facebook needs to do is find other people (i.e. your client) with that email address and there’s a match!

It can also work in reverse.  If your client has emailed you, and subsequently shares their contacts, Facebook merely needs to find another person with that email address (i.e. you).

These are some of the reasons that we recommend using the Jituzu client portal service for communicating with clients.  It does not use normal email, and all communication stays inside the Jituzu system.  Jituzu can also send your clients the necessary paperwork for initial intake, or even do it securely online.