Creating a Jituzu Website/ Integrating Your Website

If you’re like most businesses in America, you have a website.  You probably fall into one of three categories:

  1. You use the simple built-in website from Jituzu.
  2. You use a hosting service and WordPress or Joomla to build your own site.
  3. You hired a web developer to use WordPress or Joomla, or did a completely custom site,

We are frequently asked about how people can integrate scheduling, messaging and forms into their own website.  That’s what we’ll cover in this article.  It’s important to note that when we talk about embedding Jituzu Portal, that means it will not have the Jituzu branding on the page…it will look like your own.

If you are category 1 then follow the steps for Creating your Jituzu Website.  If you are category 2 or 3 then follow the steps for Integrating your website as outlined below.

Creating your Jituzu Website:

If you are category #1 Jituzu has a simple built in website that with a few tweaks is ready for you to use.

To setup your Jituzu practice and provider website follow the steps in our Creating Your Practice & Provider Website video.

Integrating your website:

If you fall into category #2, where you built the site in-house with WordPress, we have a great new tool for you…a WordPress plug-in.  All you need to do is install our plug-in called Jituzu Tools in your WordPress environment and follow the setup instructions.  The plug-in gives you a WordPress “short code” that you can embed anywhere in your site like this:

Yeah, sorry to make it so difficult 🙂  The short code is these brackets [ ] on either side of the word jituzu, as seen on Option 3 of the advanced users page.  After downloading and installing the Jituzu WordPress plug-in, put that short code on the page of your site where you want the client to log in, send you messages, see their upcoming appointments and schedule new appointments.  The plug-in will automatically replace the code with an actual secure log in page for your client.

You’ll want to make sure the page you use is wide enough to properly display the client’s screen once they’re logged in.  You can also customize some of the colors, size and other things that make it look natural on your website.

Remember that you’ll need to set up your Jituzu account and choose the URLs you want to use, but those instructions are available from within the WordPress plug-in setup tools.

If you fall into category #3, where you hired someone just use the instructions above if they used WordPress.  If they built a custom site with something else, we’ll have to use a different approach.  Since they’re a web-developer and will know the technical stuff, just point them to the Advanced Users button (as pictured in the blue box below) inside your account under the Settings menu option, or click here to see the Advanced Users page.


We present you with four options for embedding Jituzu Portal in your site.  Your web developer will probably know what to do, but if there are questions, please don’t hesitate to call.  The bottom line is that your website environment will dictate which approach you use, but you will be able to integrate.

We love seeing the portal on other people’s websites.  When you finish, how about sending us a link so we can see how it looks!