Client Waitlist

The Client Waitlist feature keeps a list of clients who are waiting to get an appointment with you, or who already have an appointment, but would prefer a sooner one.  If an appointment becomes available because of a cancellation, this feature will automatically send a text notification to the first three people on your list, offering them the slot that is now available.  The first person to respond via text message that they’d like the opening is automatically booked on your calendar.

Clients who already have an appointment and are accepting an earlier one, will also have their original appointment removed from your calendar (i.e. the old appointment is swapped for the new one).

To get started, you’ll need to turn it on by clicking the Settings button in the Waitlist panel and toggling the status from Paused to Running.

When the waitlist is in Running mode, clients who schedule from the portal will be able to select an option to add themselves to the waitlist for an earlier appointment.  As well, if you remove an appointment from your calendar, Jituzu will ask you if you’d like to fill the available spot from the waitlist.  Answering “yes” will initiate the text message to the first three people on your waitlist.  A new appointment will be created for the first person to accept the open slot.

Note: You will need to have an active Reminders subscription to utilize Waitlisting. To signup for a reminder subscription click on “My Account”, then select any of the reminders subscriptions and then click “Save Changes”. Also, be sure to have a valid form of payment entered in the “Credit Card Info” screen (seen on the left hand column on the “My Account” page).

For more detailed setup information refer to the above note, and take a look at our Client Waitlist video.