We Were Surprised, Too! (So We Turned It Into A Feature)

We recently added a new feature designed to reduce appointment cancellations. You may find that it’s helpful in your practice, too. The feature allows you to collect a payment from clients at the time they schedule a new appointment using their client portal account. Depending on the type of clients you serve, it might be… Read More »

Use This To Keep Your Schedule Full

Scheduling people often takes a lot of back-and forth.  Trying to find a time that works for you, while accommodating their work schedule, kid’s school, business travel, and workout time can be exhausting.  It’s unproductive for both. Now there’s a way that you can avoid the back-and-forth, and you can keep your schedule as full… Read More »

Growing Your Business With TeleConferencing

Now you can offer your clients greater flexibility by using our integrated video conferencing.  Of course, it meets HIPAA rules for security and privacy, but that’s only part of the story.  The best part is that it’s so simple to use! As of mid-2016, well over half of the States in the U.S. have enacted… Read More »

Upgraded Client Insurance Entry

Our goal is to enable your clients to do data entry for you.  Since they can already complete their intake forms electronically, one of the final steps is to provide them the ability to enter their own insurance information.  To be truly useful, the new information also needs to synchronize with your My Clients Plus account.  Yes, you guessed it.  It’s available… Read More »

Simple Button To Send Client Forms

We’ve added some new, simple ways for you to send your standard email and forms to new clients based on two different workflows for processing new clients.   Workflow 1.  Send New Clients to Your Website One workflow is to send new clients to your website and ask them to create their own account (username/password).… Read More »

More Customization Options To Client Intake Forms

We’ve had a number of requests to add specific customization options to the forms your clients complete online as they create a new portal account.  Here’s a quick list of the improvements: Clients can now add their own insurance information (if you want).   They can select their payer, add their insurance ID and Group number,… Read More »

Introducing FYIs

As hard as we all try for perfection, scheduling miscommunication still happens.  A client shows up unexpectedly, or forgets to make their appointment during your prime office hours.  It’s costly and embarrassing. Today, we are introducing an upgrade to our reminder service called FYI, whose purpose is to help close the gap on two common… Read More »

Do Not Disturb Window

There’s a new option for reminders and FYI’s that allow you to set a do-not-disturb time window for text or voice communications with your clients.  This prevents reminders or FYIs from being sent to your clients between the time window you specify. We’ve seen cases where customers have been harnessing their most productive time in… Read More »

Setting Staff User Roles

There’s a new setting that enables designating a user as staff.  It’s intended to make it easier for larger organizations to navigate the client and user settings screens.  There is no effect on user privileges or capabilities, it’s merely a way to visually segregate administrative users from service-providing users.  Staff users aren’t listed on the… Read More »

Location-Based Notifications

If your company makes house calls, this article may be of interest to you.  Home health, field service and other mobile service providers take note. One of the challenges for businesses that make house calls, is accurately alerting the client when they can expect the service provider to arrive.  In some cases, it’s also reassuring… Read More »