Reminders help you eliminate no shows, and help your clients remember their scheduled appointments.

Want to setup reminders?

Take a look at our reminders video.

Once you’re logged into your Jituzu account, click on My Account, select the reminder plan that best fits your practice’s needs, and click Save Changes at the bottom.

If you’d like interactive help with reminder setup, click the Help Wizard (blue compass icon highlighted below) from the menu bar.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.59.14 AM

Want to manage your reminders subscription?

Click on the My Account tab.  This will land you on the manage subscription page to view and change your reminder plan.

To adjust and control the Reminder & Portal Settings for individual Clients, click on Clients on the green menu bar, choose the Client and click on Reminders & Portal.  In Client Portal Settings, you can choose which days and times you would like to be able to self-schedule appointments.  If you leave this blank, the client will be able to schedule in any available appointment times.